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The Writescast Network is a podcast collective for writers, by writers, with the mission of helping writers everywhere become more confident in themselves and in their craft. Our network includes podcasts featuring author interviews, conversations on the art and business of writing, and analyses of your favorite books—all from a writer's perspective. What will the Writescast Network do for you?
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Seven Touchstones for Writing a Mystery or Thriller (or Anything!) featuring Nick Chiarkas - Writescast 082

    This episode is no ordinary listicle. Author Nick Chiarkas joins the program to discuss how to write a mystery or thriller (or, as he explains, any story), and, along the way, he regales us with tales of mid-20th-century NYC and inevitable yet surprising endings in funeral homes. ...


  2. Emotional Wounds as Motivation - Novel Approaches 026

    In an episode one might expect to be laden with trauma, r.r. campbell and guest co-host Candice Lee have some fun discussing the intersection of emotional wounds and character motivation, stopping along the way to do some critical Seinfeld-related research. Thanks to our sponsors ...


  3. The DIY MFA with Gabriela Pereira - Writescast 081

    Not everyone has the means to enroll in a Master of Fine Arts program. The good news? Gabriela Pereira is challenging the status quo of higher education with DIY MFA, which encourages writers to write with focus, read with purpose, and build their community—all on their own time ...


  4. Profiles in Encouragement 002 - Rita Schunk, Joy Ann Ribar, and Rose Bingham

    Writers Rita Schunk, Joy Ann Ribar, and Rose Bingham share their tales of encouragement with the rest of the global writing community. Tune in to learn how to share your story, and thanks as always to our sponsors Dandelion Web Marketing, and the ...


  5. Read Books, Get Money featuring Jennie Nash - Writescast 080

    Jennie Nash reads books all day and gets paid for it, and her book by that title—along with this episode—will help you on your journey to doing the same.   Thanks to this episode's sponsors: Dandelion Web Marketing and the Wisconsin Writers Association. ...