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The Writescast Network is a podcast collective for writers, by writers, with the mission of helping writers everywhere become more confident in themselves and in their craft. Our network includes podcasts featuring author interviews, conversations on the art and business of writing, and analyses of your favorite books—all from a writer's perspective. What will the Writescast Network do for you?
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Facebook for Authors featuring J. Scott Coatsworth - Writescast 090

    Author and Facebook phenom J. Scott Coatsworth joins the show to discuss what it takes to create and participate in thriving writer and reader communities on Facebook. Thanks to this episode's sponsors Dandelion Web Marketing, Lost Lake Press, and ...


  2. Anti-heroes - Novel Approaches 030

    She-Ra. Schitt's Creek. Geopolitics. Maggie Derrick and r.r. campbell cover a lot in this episode, and it's all in the name of helping you better write anti-heroes. Thanks to this episode's sponsors Dandelion Web Marketing, Lost Lake Press, ...


  3. YouTube for Authors featuring Meg LaTorre - Writescast 089

    YouTube is a treasure trove of DIY content, music streaming, and, of course, cat videos. But for many writers, YouTube is so much more. For this episode, I speak with one such writer, Meg LaTorre, who also happens to be the founder of the beloved iWriterly YouTube channel. ...


  4. Profiles in Encouragement 004 - R.R. Campbell, Tracey S. Phillips, Laurie Dennis, and Josie Thomas

    Summer drags on, and with it, uncertainty around the world. To find solace and certainty within ourselves and within the walls of our homes, we turn to four members of the writing community for their words of encouragement and inspiration. Thanks to this episode's sponsors ...


  5. Relaunching One's Book featuring Dan Woll - Writescast 088

    Sometimes a book launch doesn't go as planned, but there's no need to fret. Author Dan Woll is actively relaunching Death on Cache Lake, and he joins us to talk through the challenges and opportunities one might encounter during when relaunching one's book. Want your ...