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The Writescast Network is a podcast collective for writers, by writers, with the mission of helping writers everywhere become more confident in themselves and in their craft. Our network includes podcasts featuring author interviews, conversations on the art and business of writing, and analyses of your favorite books—all from a writer's perspective. What will the Writescast Network do for you?
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Incorporating Research Into Creative Writing with William C. Tracy – Writescast 064

    Author and engineer William C. Tracy discusses strategies for effectively incorporating research and technical know-how into works of fiction. ...


  2. Writing Satisfying Endings – Novel Approaches 017

    After briefly revisiting prologues and epilogues, co-hosts Sione Aeschliman and r.r. campbell explore the ins and outs of writing satisfying endings, which, it turns out, are just as much about beginnings as they are about anything else. ...


  3. Publishing an Anthology with Andrew J. Peters – Writescast 063

    Sitting on a collection of poetry or short fiction and unsure what to do with it? This episode’s for you! ...


  4. Writing a Series with Silvia Acevedo – Writescast 062

    Hot off the release of the final installment in her GOD AWFUL series, Silvia Acevedo explores the advantages and disadvantages of writing one’s own series. ...


  5. Fatal Flaws – Novel Approaches 016

    With help from #WritescastChat participants, host r. r. campbell takes on fatal flaws–what they are, how they vary from regular old flaws, and whether fatal flaws can ever be assets. ...