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The Writescast Network is a podcast collective for writers, by writers, with the mission of helping writers everywhere become more confident in themselves and in their craft. Our network includes podcasts featuring author interviews, conversations on the art and business of writing, and analyses of your favorite books—all from a writer's perspective. What will the Writescast Network do for you?
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Tropesmash! Effectively Using Archetypes and Tropes with Ryan Decaria – Writescast 070

    Ryan Decaria returns to the Writescast Network to explore what archetypes and tropes are, why they sometimes get a bad rap, and how we can use them effectively in our work. ...


  2. Crafting Villains – Novel Approaches 020

    In an episode oddly chockfull of Care Bears and Smurfs, r.r. and Sione tackle the dark side of storytelling. What distinguishes a villain from an antagonist? How can we avoid creating caricatures of evil? Will r.r. ever remember the names of the actors in his favorite shows? ...


  3. Wattpad: Where Stars Are Born featuring Maggie Derrick – Writescast 069

    What is Wattpad? What does it have to offer readers and writers alike? Is it a good option for your fiction? This episode’s guest, a Wattpad pro, breaks it all down for us. ...


  4. Keeping a Reader’s Attention featuring Lori Puma – Writescast 068

    Once we’ve drawn readers to our work, it’s important we maintain their attention. But how? This week’s guest, editor Lori Puma, explains. Click here for the ...


  5. Preparing for NaNoWriMo – Novel Approaches 019

    National Novel Writing Month is almost here! How can you ensure you get the most out of one of the year’s most popular annual events? Sione and r.r. explore with help from #WritescastChat participants. ...